Whether you are looking for that one art piece to bring a room to life or help managing a large public collection, Studio[Arte] can cover every aspect of  researching and commissioning art for any client need or project budget.


  • Provide artistic advice and direction to private clients, collectors and interior designers
  • Produce comprehensive research on specific works of art or individual artists, including creation of summary reports and detailed manuscripts containing biographies of artists, provenance of works of art and relevant academic information on specific pieces
  • Monitor secondary market activities of specific artists and provide market projections on pieces bought for investment purposes
  • Prepare offers, budget estimates and sales documentation
  • Coordinate photography, framing, insurance and shipping of art pieces locally and internationally
  • Liaise with artists, galleries, auctions, showrooms and antique dealers and partners both in London and internationally
  • Support and facilitate the acquisition or sale of art
 WhiteRoses Ballerina Butterfly